EasyBender® TITAN

Fast, accurate and reliable steel rule bending machine dedicated to heavy-duty high rule.

The EasyBender TITAN automated steel rule bending machine notches, cuts, miters, and bends 3pt and 4pt rule from 1.5″ to 4″ height. Featuring a servo-controlled grip feed system for precision, a robust hydraulic cutting system for strength, and our patented and proven bending mechanism, the EasyBender Titan produces the most accurate and fully closed bent pieces in high rule possible on an automated bending machine.

The EasyBender series of automated steel rule benders from SDS Automation is the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable technology available to die makers. Unlike other machines that process rule in both directions before bending, EasyBender finishes pieces more quickly with a single forward linear motion. Its patented bending mechanism and its high level of precision allow for intricate bends and fully closed shapes that fit the die the first time.

EasyBender TITAN is the newest addition to our line of EasyBender automated rule benders for diemaking, offering diemakers the capability to produce fully finished pieces for heavy-duty high rule dies, from 1.5″ up to 4″ in 3pt and 4pt rule thicknesses. Now diemakers can fully automate the process of manufacturing their foam and thermoform steel rule dies.

The price of a fully-equipped EasyBender includes set-up, installation, and training. Additionally, two years of software updates, lifetime phone and remote access tech support from a U.S.-based technician, and a two year warranty are included. There are no hidden fees. By the conclusion of your comprehensive training, you will competently operate and maintain your new EasyBender.

SDS Automation is an automated metal bending expert, the inventor and original patent holder of this type of technology. We have been manufacturing and servicing automated steel rule benders for more than 25 years. Globally, over 2,000 machines have been sold. Our years of experience, dedicated technicians, and worldwide customer base combine to create the very best service and support infrastructure in the industry.

Rule SpecificationsRule Height1.5"-4” (23~100 mm)
Rule Thickness3 pt            4 pt
Inside/outside diameter14/23 inches (35.6 cm/59 cm)
CuttingCutting tool module3 hole
Notching tool module3 hole
BendingFinger1 Set
FeedGrip Type
SizeSystem (monitor excluded) W x D x H90 x 41 x 58 inches (2274 x 1047 x 1468 mm)
Coil Cassette – W x D x H31 x 29 x 51 inches (790 x 741 x 1285 mm)
WeightOperating Weight1,080 lbs (490 kg)
Shipping Weight1,146 lbs (520 kg)
PowerVoltage220VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
Max Peak Current13A, 3 kW
Average Current4A, 920 W
Air PressureMax pressure128 psi (9kg/cm²)
Operating range (typical)64-78 psi (4.5-5.5kg/cm² / 0.5~0.6 mpa)
EnvironmentTemperature50~95° F (10~35°C)

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