EasyBender ®

The most complete line of steel rule bending machines on the planet.

Thank you for attending the IADD Product Showcase. We are so happy you attended and chose to come here to learn more about the products we discussed. You can find links below to the EasyBender NS2 Plus and the EasyBender Vision Calibration System as well as watch the videos again about each machine.


All of the great features of the NS2 automatic rule bender in a loaded configuration full of the best options.

Advanced features and capabilities in a steel rule bending machine designed to meet the need for Speed To Market expected in today’s production environment.

EasyBender Vision Calibration System – saves time and money.

VCS improves production, reduces production time, and cuts costs by automatically calibrating your EasyBender machines* in as little as 10 minutes. The VCS automates the process ensuring error-free calibration of all of your EasyBenders*. The short calibration time allows you to do daily or weekly calibration of your production output.

EasyBender NS2

Fit the die the first time and every time with repeatable accuracy whether you’re producing one or one hundred pieces of rule.

EasyBender VCS

An automatic vision calibration system that will save you time and money by allowing regular and frequent calibration. Less waste in the bucket and more profit for your business.

Here is what customers are saying about EasyBender:

The machine developed and manufactured by SDS Automation is a step forward in the “cutting edge’ of die making technology. This is the next generation of ENGINEERED RULE, providing adjustable width of broaching. This provides a tighter bend and elimination of side grinding in slots.

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