EasyBender® R

The original rotary die machine that changed the way the world makes dies.


  • EasyBender R uses no-notch rotary rule and adds relief notches only where they are needed.
  • This makes a stronger die, one that gives superior performance.
  • It measures the length and cuts, miters, notches, and bends the rule precisely, using the information in the CAD file.
  • EasyBender R uses a precise servo-controlled grip feed system.



The price of a fully-equipped EasyBender includes set-up, installation, and training. Additionally, two years of software updates, lifetime phone and remote access tech support from a U.S.-based technician, and a two year warranty are included. There are no hidden fees. By the conclusion of your comprehensive training, you will competently operate and maintain your new EasyBender.

Rule SpecificationsRule Height0.860-1.030 inch
Rule Thickness3 or 4 pt
Coil Outside Diameter66 x 90 inch only
SizeDimensions53”W x 35”D x 62”H     (1350 x 885 x 1570 mm)
PowerVoltage220VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
Max Peak Current15A
Average Current3A, 690 W
WeightOperating Weight770 lbs (350 kg)
Air Pressure90 PSI6 Bar
1 CFM28.32 LPM

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